"Life time" of lists

Lists the user project time and date of "life" is not limited! All projects involving user in the list in an unlimited number of lists and until the project participant has reached the first level in all the lists.

Only limited opportunity period of 120 days, a personal invitation by the User and his personal connection to the list of projects of new users, since the establishment of a Private List.

In the "My Lists" on a personal user page near the list reflected the timer counting down the time remaining until the transfer list to the "archive".

After 120 days, a referral link and inviting to the list are disabled. List from the "My active lists" translates to "My archive lists". All users who will pass on the referral link or enter an invitation code will be taken to a page warning about what such a list does not exist, the proposal has invited to apply directly through the messaging service.

This restriction is meant to reusability of user participation in other lists of projects, enhance the use of the service, and to prevent the spread of spam.

The user,without any restrictions, can at any time create new list of projects, as well as join to any of the existing list of projects of other users.


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