Why it works

If you do not try, you will never recognized how it could be. It is better to regret about what we have done, than about the lost opportunity.

DREAMSTREE.COM, is an international information project that brings together a significant number of people in various countries around the world. Organize community advocates the idea to unite the efforts of players on their way to achieve prosperity and success in various spheres of human activity, based on the principles of mutual support and trust, is realized through the exchange of tangible and intangible resources between community members.

Service DreamsTree Funding is simple and straightforward, it is built on reciprocity and fair individual relationships between users.

User support each other, is made from user to user through the levels of the list of projects. User inviting new members to join its list of projects. New members provide support in the amount of the nominal list, project members, who are already in the list. And so on.

Users can participate in an unlimited number of lists of projects of other users, even if the project users are already present in the list on the levels above.

Users can at any time to create or join a new list of projects selected for themselves the nominal list that corresponds to the required amount of funds for the implementation of the project or the users of its dreams

Using modern technology and the unlimited possibilities of the Internet, social networking and e-mail, you can tell your friends about your project or dream, the speed of thought. It is not limited to the scope of any one country or continent.

So with the speed of information dissemination and small amounts generated your "cash flow."

In order to achieve a permanent and repeated to obtain support for users from each other. And the flow of aid is not interrupted, we are limited in time the possibility to users to invite friends and acquaintances to join his list of projects

If you are not limited in time, the ability of users to invite new people to join his personal list of projects, then the number of users and new projects involved in the formation of "cash flow" is to repeatedly increase, and with this development, even the country's population does not enough to provide the first 10-15 stages. As a result of this "flow" with the time runs out.

You do it now - and you can, with the help of like-minded people, to carry out all that is conceived!


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