DreamsTree Funding

DreamsTree Funding - multi-level social networking platform, which uses the principle of crowdfunding, that will help you find allies ready to support you in carrying out your dreams, help you realize your creative plans, production and charity projects on the basis of voluntary donations.

DreamsTree Funding allows to you:

  • Raising funds for the implementation of your plans and projects through crowdfunding.
  • Raising funds for charity. You can raise funds for the implementation of both your and philanthropic projects.

DreamsTree Funding - is:

  • Easy registration.
  • No restrictions on the national and territorial basis.
  • Direct communication of participants with each other.
  • Obtaining funds on your own wallet in the system «WebMoney Transfer».
  • Honest and open relationship with the organizers of the project.
The main difference DreamsTree Funding from other Crowdfunding platforms - is no limit on the sums of money and the projects for which you are collecting donations.

Social Crowdfunding network allows not only to raise funds by posting information about your dreams or project on the site, but also will promoted it by bringing like-minded friends using the principles of multi-level networks.

DreamsTree Funding allows its users by using small amounts of funding, form the "cash flow", attracting significant resources, which will allow you to realize your dreams in life.

All in your hands - go for it!

If you do not do it now - you have never do it. You will constantly postpone the actions for later, and you have never change the situation at the present. The only one way out of this "vicious circle" - do everything at once and do it each time.

Terms of Service «DreamsTree Funding»


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